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implant secured dentures

Why Implant Dentures?

Denture wearers, it's time to speak up! You deserve a smile you can feel good about.

Implant dentures are a practical solution for a common problem - loose dentures.

Athens area dentist Dr. Phillip Durden has designed natural-looking implant dentures for his patients for over a decade.

Why dentures and implants belong together:

Dr. Durden places dental implants beneath the gums to serve as "anchors" that attach to the implant denture to hold it securely in place. This added stability allows the patient to eat and talk normally without the embarrassment of "loose teeth" or hassle with adhesives.

tooth loss facial progression

Implant Dentures also offer other benefits:

Missing teeth can literally ‘age’ facial appearance. Teeth and jawbone structures provide important support for the cheeks, lips and facial muscles. Over time, facial muscles and skin relax and decrease facial fullness when multiple or all teeth are missing. Implant dentures can not only be used to create a beautiful smile, they can restore the bite and provide height and dimension to the facial profile.

A significant problem for denture-wearers is progressive loss of bone support. When teeth are lost, jaw bone levels deteriorate and decrease over time. Dental implants are designed to achieve ‘osseointegration’, in which the implant becomes a stable part of the jawbone structure. This helps to reduce the speed of bone loss in the absence of teeth.

Don't tolerate loose dentures!