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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are inserted into the jawbone to provide support for a dental crown, bridge or denture.

They create options for replacement of missing teeth that allow Athens area dentist, Dr. Phillip Durden, to rebuild a smile for a natural-looking appearance and healthy function.

Dental implants "integrate" into the jawbone as the "osseous" bone cells grow closer and closer to the implant surface. This "osseointegration" process helps the implant stay securely in place to withstand chewing and biting forces.

Most people with missing permanent teeth are candidates for dental implants. Todays' dental implant procedures can be completed in less appointments and are more comfortable than ever.

Why wait?   FREE DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATIONS are provided by Dr. Phillip Durden in our Athens area dental office. Contact us to make an appointment today!