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Replacing a Back Tooth

Back teeth have a big job.

Posterior, or back teeth are responsible for grinding food to support the digestive process. If we lose one or more of our posterior permanent teeth, other teeth are affected as they pick up the slack. Chewing requires that the remaining teeth work harder, causing our bite and teeth to shift as the open space creates room to move.

We know that it is important to protect our children's teeth from tooth decay with fluoride treatments, sealants and regular check-ups. As adults, we are more likely to lose permanent teeth from periodontal (gum) disease, or, the "domino-effect" of adult tooth loss. Once a tooth is lost, the subsequent shifting and movement can lead to fractured teeth and bone loss, resulting in even more teeth becoming loose, broken-down and unsalvageable.

dental implant placement with i-cat

Dental implants are the ideal replacement option.

Most dentists recommend that functional back teeth be kept healthy and restored or replaced as necessary. (The exception being third molars or "wisdom teeth", which are often extracted as they are very difficult to keep clean).

The titanium implant is inserted into the open space to replace the tooth root, and then can be restored with a crown, bridge or used to lock in a removable partial denture. Dentist Dr. Phillip Durden places and restores dental implants in the comfort of our Athens area dental practice, Winterville Dental.

If you are missing back teeth, you should consider dental implants as a replacement option. Don't put more teeth at risk! You have nothing to lose with our FREE DENTAL IMPLANT CONSULTATION. Contact Winterville Dental to schedule an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Phillip Durden.