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missing tooth replacement, dental implant

Replacing a Front Tooth

Replace a missing front tooth with a dental implant for a natural look and feel.

A dental implant is about the same size as a tooth root. If you are missing a single front tooth, a dental implant can be inserted in the open space and then restored with a dental crown.

This allows the dentist to create a natural-looking replacement using the implant itself without drilling on surrounding teeth to support a bridge.

Sometimes a bridge is needed if you are missing more than one front tooth. Dental implants are often a great solution! By combining dental implants with a fixed bridge, you can avoid the embarrassment of removable replacement alternatives such as front tooth "flippers" that are marginally functional.

If you are missing a front tooth and have been overwhelmed by tooth replacement, schedule a no-risk free consultation with implant dentist Dr. Phillip Durden to answer your questions and explore treatment options.